First Name: Chris
Last Name: Choinski
Email: winesbydesign.chris@aol.com
Phone: 828.550.3610
First Name: Tina
Last Name: D. Fischlin
Email: tinafischlin@gmail.com
Phone: 404.229.9151
Farm Address: 3291 S. Laurel Fork Rd
Farm City: Laurel Springs
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28644
First Name: Rusty
Last Name: Barr
Email: barr@ncchristmastrees.com
Phone: 336.982.3013
Farm Address: Corner of Shipyard & Independence Blvd
Farm City: Wilmington
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28403
First Name: Rusty & Melissa and Wilson
Last Name: Barr
Email: rusty@barrevergreens.com
Phone: 336.982.3013
Phone #2: 336.982.3017
Farm Address: 321 East Healing Springs Road
Farm City: Crumpler
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28617
Trees for Troops: Yes
First Name: Margo L.
Last Name: Huggins
Email: margo.huggins@bayer.com
Phone: 803.250.9858
First Name: Bill
Last Name: Hoffman
Email: billhoffman@bellsouth.net
Phone: 828.387.1717
Farm State: North Carolina
First Name: Duane
Last Name: Berkey
Email: info@berkeysnursery.com
Phone: 814.654.7513
Phone #2: 814.654.7043
Farm Address: 44251 Rogers Road
Farm City: Spartansburg
Farm State: Pennsylvania
Farm Zip: 16434
First Name: Charles B. & Grace
Last Name: Parker, Jr.
Email: charlesparker103@gmail.com
Phone: 919.787.1929
Phone #2: 919.805.0977
Farm Address: 19201 A HWY 88 W
Farm City: Creston
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28615

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