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Membership Application

The purpose of the association is to develop and extend interest in the production and marketing of quality Christmas trees in North Carolina. Through group action, the association seeks to promote better market opportunities, better cultural practices, research, favorable legislation and exchange of ideas among its membership. The membership includes growers and producers of Christmas trees and related products in North Carolina or adjoining areas*; persons or firms supplying equipment, supplies or planting stock; Christmas tree buyers and others interested in affiliating with the association. The basic membership fee is listed by category and applies to all members. Membership is for one year beginning January 1 and may not be prorated.


The North Carolina Christmas Tree Association members voted in 1995 to participate in the National Christmas Tree Association Tree Industry Partnership (T.I.P.). Note: $25.00 per member is included in membership and goes directly to the National Christmas Tree Association for the Tree Industry Partnership (T.I.P.). Members of a T.I.P. participating Association are given special privileges for National meetings and listings on the National website.


PRIVACY STATEMENT: Any information given on the NCCTA application will be used in the Buy/Sell Guide, Choose & Cut Guide, Roster, and on the NCCTA website. Your e-mail address will be used by the NCCTA office to send you information and notifications about the Christmas tree industry. NCCTA does not distribute e-mail lists to persons that are not members of NCCTA.


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DOWNLOAD MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION HERE if you wish to print out, complete and mail the form back to NCCTA instead of using the electronic form.


After clicking the "Submit Entry" button, please wait for the form submission process before leaving the page or clicking the button again.  You will be taken to a confirmation page a few moments after submitting.


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