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Member Benefits



The purpose of the association is to develop and extend interest in the production and marketing of quality Christmas trees in North Carolina. Through group action, the association seeks to promote better market opportunities, better cultural practices, research, favorable legislation and exchange of ideas among its membership. The membership includes growers and producers of Christmas trees and related products in North Carolina or adjoining areas, persons or firms supplying equipment, supplies or planting stock, Christmas tree buyers and others interested in affiliating with the association.

Why Should I Become a Member of the North Carolina Christmas Tree Association?

  • To promote the traditions and memories of celebrating Christmas with a Real Tree.
  • To protect and grow your business. NCCTA works to stop legislation and regulations that are negative to you and others growing, wholesaling and retailing Real Christmas Trees and to support beneficial legislation and regulations.
  • To be part of a community of Christmas Tree professionals and share the knowledge and experiences of thousands who share your concerns, questions and needs.

Member Benefit Dollar Values for Growers:

NCCTA Research Funded Projects Perceived value to industry/cost to do your own $469.00
Listing on Website Annual cost of maintenance and hosting plus design cost averaged over 3 years $180.29
Advocacy & Monitoring of Legislative Issues Contracted lobbyist annual salary of $25,000 $110.00
Annual Listing in Buy Sell Guide All production, promotional & distribution costs $129.31
Choose and Cut All production, promotional & distribution costs $369.57
Advertising Actual annual cost of all NCCTA advertising $407.08
Promotional Materials Production costs $115.00
Allied Business Partners Insurance Discounts First Pioneer, LifeStore, First Benefits workers' compensation $500.00
Limbs and Needles Cost of annual subscription to Limb & Needles $45.00
Trade Shows Actual cost of all trade shows attended $318.67
Reduced Semi-Annual Meeting Registration Rates 2 meetings annually at $30 = $60 $60
Other Marketing Activities Business value of educational information, logo use, promotioinal displays, promotional & legislative trees, media contact, tree inventory, classifieds, updates, retail lot opportunities, retail lot listings, cooperative shipping Undetermined
Partnership Collaboration & Networking Among NC Agencies NCSU, NCSU Cooperative Extension, NCDA&CS, etc. Undetermined
Agricultural and Trade Association Memberships Annual cost of individual memberships $1,430.00
Grants Since 2010 NCCTA has leveraged your dues and assessments into grant funds $421,007.00
Long-Range Planning Through NCSU STAR (Included in Grant $$) Total cost included in grants total $40,000.00
Access to Professional Video & Photography (Included in Grant $$) Total cost included in grants total $18,000.00

 Member Benefit Dollar Values for Allied Businesses:

Limbs and Needles Magazine Cost of annual subscription to Limbs & Needles $45.00
Listing on Website Annual cost of maintenance and hosting plus design cost averaged over 3 years $149.00
Annual Listing in Buy Sell Guide Value comparable to in-state classified listing $230.00
Reduced Semi-Annual Meeting Registration Rates 2 meetings annually $115 X 2 $230.00
Roster Value comparable to in-state classified listing OR production costs $26.09
Other Marketing Activities Logo use, direct networking with growers, "members doing business with members", updates Undetermined
Professional and Trade Association Memberships Annual cost if individual joined $1,430.00


Special Benefits for NCCTA Members

  • Pay Anywhere – Credit card processing that helps support NCCTA with every swipe.
  • First Pioneer Insurance Agency - Offers a special worker’s compensation insurance program.
  • LifeStore Insurance - Insurance discounts offered to members for property and liability coverage, workers compensation and health plan options.
  • Auto Owners - NCCTA Members which will save 10% on all Commercial Lines of insurance (ie: Commercial Auto, General Liability, Inland Marine Equipment Coverage and Farm Property).
  • First Benefits – NCCTA members are eligible for workers’ compensation coverage with no other membership requirements. (LifeStore Insurance and First Pioneer Insurance represent First Benefits Insurance at their respective agencies in the High Country).

Dues Schedule

The basic membership fee listed on the application by category applies to all members. In addition, growers who raise Fraser Fir in North Carolina and adjacent Virginia and Tennessee Counties pay a minimum of $.05 per tree sold during the most recent season or $5.00 per acre of Fraser fir if not yet selling trees. These funds are allocated to the association's Fraser Fir Promotional Committee for special and separate use.

Membership is for one year beginning January 1 and may not be prorated. Fraser fir growers will pay the grower fee and tree assessment even though they may also fit other categories. In all other cases, those who fit more than one category should apply as an "Allied Business." Those who raise trees in and out of North Carolina should apply as an in-state grower.

The North Carolina Christmas Tree Association members voted in 1995 to participate in the National Christmas Tree Association Tree Industry Partnership (T.I.P.). Each member contributes $20.00 (the price of one tree) for promotion of real trees on a National basis. T.I.P. contributions are also used to fund Federal lobbying efforts regarding Christmas tree legislative issues. Members of a T.I.P. participating Association are given special privileges for National meetings and listings on the National website.


In order for any member to be listed in the annual Buy/Sell Guide or the Choose & Cut Memories Book a minimum Fraser fir assessment of $50.00 is required. Please remember that the contribution does not automatically result in listing.

If you would like more information about joining or about the NCCTA, please feel free to contact us or fill out the membership application today.


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