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Search For Trees - Mail Order

First Name: Waightstill
Last Name: Avery, Jr
Email: averyfarms3@gmail.com
Phone: 828.733.5052
Phone #2: 828.733.3932
Farm Address: 615 Avery Lane
Farm City: Plumtree
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28664
First Name: Dale
Last Name: Hudler
Email: hudlertreefarm@skybest.com
Phone: 336.846.8627
Phone #2: 336.877.0617
Farm Address: 2545 Beaver Creek School Road
Farm City: West Jefferson
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28694
First Name: James & Helen
Last Name: Pitts
Email: sugarplumfarm@att.net
Phone: 828.765.0019
Farm Address: 1263 Isaacs Branch Rd
Farm City: Newland
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28657
First Name: Patricia
Last Name: Gaskin
Email: LSXTF2@skybest.com
Phone: 336.372.4193
Farm Address: 7491 NC Hwy 18 South
Farm City: Laurel Springs
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28644
First Name: J. Seth & Lidjea
Last Name: Andrews
Email: andrewstreefarms@gmail.com
Phone: 336.372.1657
Farm Address: 691 Hoppers Dairy Rd
Farm City: Sparta
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28675
First Name: Scott
Last Name: Ballard
Email: sales@westendwreaths.com
Phone: 336.384.4440
Phone #2: 336.620.2650
Farm Address: 5983 194N
Farm City: Warrensville
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28693
First Name: DeWayne L.
Last Name: Roberts
Email: alleghanytrees@hotmail.com
Phone: 336.657.8587
Farm Address: 223 Wilson Rd
Farm City: Ennice
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28623
First Name: Tim
Last Name: Miller
Email: srtreefarm@skybest.com
Phone: 336.977.1659
Phone #2: 336.982.2031
Farm Address: 287 Trading Post Road
Farm City: Glendale Springs
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28629
Trees for Troops: No
First Name: Paul
Last Name: Smith
Email: PaulSmith@coolspringsnursery.com
Phone: 828.963.4600
Phone #2: 888.665.4378
First Name: Johnny
Last Name: Wishon
Email: Wishontrees@skybest.com
Phone: 336.372.7086
Farm Address: 468 Presnell Road
Farm City: Glade Valley
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28627
Trees for Troops: Yes


Our Team of logistics experts are unmatched in experience, customer service and cost.
Foscoe Rentals offers condos, cabins, and vacation homes. Pets are welcome.
We have been in business since 1977. We take great satisfaction knowing that our trees, whether in the living room as a Christmas Tree or part of the landscaping, can provide a family with tradition and memories for years to come.
Serving America's homes and garden centers since 1959.

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