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Search For Trees - Mail Order

First Name: Waightstill
Last Name: Avery, Jr
Email: averyfarms3@gmail.com
Phone: 828.733.5052
Phone #2: 828.733.3932
Farm Address: 615 Avery Lane
Farm City: Plumtree
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28664
First Name: Dale
Last Name: Hudler
Email: hudlertreefarm@skybest.com
Phone: 336.846.8627
Phone #2: 336.877.0617
Farm Address: 2545 Beaver Creek School Road
Farm City: West Jefferson
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28694
First Name: James & Helen
Last Name: Pitts
Email: sugarplumfarm@att.net
Phone: 828.765.0019
Farm Address: 1263 Isaacs Branch Rd
Farm City: Newland
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28657
First Name: Patricia
Last Name: Gaskin
Email: LSXTF2@skybest.com
Phone: 336.372.4193
Farm Address: 7491 NC Hwy 18 South
Farm City: Laurel Springs
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28644
First Name: J. Seth & Lidjea
Last Name: Andrews
Email: andrewstreefarms@gmail.com
Phone: 336.372.1657
Farm Address: 691 Hoppers Dairy Rd
Farm City: Sparta
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28675
First Name: Scott
Last Name: Ballard
Email: sales@westendwreaths.com
Phone: 336.384.4440
Phone #2: 336.620.2650
Farm Address: 5983 194N
Farm City: Warrensville
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28693
First Name: DeWayne L.
Last Name: Roberts
Email: alleghanytrees@hotmail.com
Phone: 336.657.8587
Farm Address: 223 Wilson Rd
Farm City: Ennice
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28623
First Name: Tim
Last Name: Miller
Email: srtreefarm@skybest.com
Phone: 336.977.1659
Phone #2: 336.982.2031
Farm Address: 287 Trading Post Road
Farm City: Glendale Springs
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28629
Trees for Troops: No
First Name: Paul
Last Name: Smith
Email: PaulSmith@coolspringsnursery.com
Phone: 828.963.4600
Phone #2: 888.665.4378
First Name: Johnny
Last Name: Wishon
Email: Wishontrees@skybest.com
Phone: 336.372.7086
Farm Address: 468 Presnell Road
Farm City: Glade Valley
Farm State: North Carolina
Farm Zip: 28627
Trees for Troops: Yes


Visit Sugar Plum Farm and create a lasting memory...
We have been in business since 1977. We take great satisfaction knowing that our trees, whether in the living room as a Christmas Tree or part of the landscaping, can provide a family with tradition and memories for years to come.
Equipment and supplies for choose & cuts, retail lots. Stands, wreath frames, netting, ribbon, tags …
Growers of the highest quality Fraser Fir and Nursery Stock since 1972.
Wholesale grower of Fraser Fir Christmas Trees since 1985.

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